Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of perception and observation. I aim to show my viewers my personal perception of flesh and the colors that are found within it. As with many artists before me I am seeking a sense of newness in the painting process. For me, the newness I have found is the contemporary color palette. The use of the traditional painting methods along with the rejuvenating colors of modern palette allows me to create figures that have a sense of vibrancy as opposed to the muted tones found in the flesh of my early predecessors. Harnessing the convenience of photography allows me to capture one particular moment in time and revisit it over and over as I patiently search and wait for the image to reveal itself more fully to me.  

                Painting is how I come to understand the world around me.  Some people learn by reading, or running tests, I learn through observing the world and recreating aspects that I find interesting through painting. Sitting for hours, looking at images, and mixing piles of oil and pigment are the ways I explore my surroundings.  These paintings for me are way to learn to observe in a more complex and critical way, therefore making dramatic narrative less important. This art is an experiment in process more than storytelling.  Through the work I have been experimenting with my perception of skin tones and the fact that they cannot be put into a single convenient tube of paint. The artist must visually dissect the figure in order to fully understand the complexity of human flesh tones.

I am fascinated with observing my fellow humans which is why my work focused around the human form and portraiture. Capturing people in their ordinary and everyday setting allows me to preserve a seemingly unimportant moment forever while giving the viewer a look at the subject as they stare back at them comfortably and seemingly open to interaction.